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20110428_0067So, you and your pup are determined to stick to your new year’s resolution?  More power to ya!!  Keep these tips in mind.

  • Start slow – if a person hasn’t run or taken a walk in years they aren’t going to be able to run a marathon tomorrow
  • Keep an eye on your dog to see if they are showing any signals they are having problems: Are they limping or panting really hard?  Their feet will need to toughen up too, so keep an eye out for any tender spots
  • Keep things interesting – take different routes, change pace, change directions
  • Summer weather: exercise during the cool hours, consider how hot you are – your dog is probably twice that,  the tongue is a good signal to watch,  be cautious of hot sidewalks that could burn your dogs feet, bring water for you and your dog
  • Winter weather: watch for ice or snow getting stuck between their toes, watch for signs of frostbite or hypothermia

You will know when to stop before your dog does – be aware of the small signals.  They are amazing creatures and can withstand much without realizing they are hurting themselves.  Don’t treat them like they are a delicate flower either because they are dogs who like to get out there and get dirty.

Happy Dog Exercising!


“Ready, Set, Dog Health”

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