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Almost all of Austin is dog friendly, which makes this place paradise for dog owners, but there are a few places that go above and beyond.  I visited the office of the presently under construction Whitley building.  I met the very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable Justin, who told me about the indoor dog park that was going to be on the property!  An on site dog park = AWESOME!!  It’s going to be next to a large window to let natural light in, it’s 600 sq. ft., and there is going to be a dog wash station!  It will be on the 5th floor, and have artificial grass with a large drain in the middle for the ease of maintenance.  Obviously, this won’t suffice for needed outside time, but for a social and/or pee break it is a 5 star amenity.  Several years ago when I lived in a high rise it was quite the chore for me and Kya to go all the way to the ground floor and outside when all she needed was a quick potty break before bed.  Residence will definitely find the value in such a terrific amenity.  I know they are filling up fast, so if your interested – get while the gettin’s hot.

Whitley_Pet Park

Photo: Whitley dog park under construction

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