How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Austin HEAT (Dog Walking)

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Dog walks are going to be in possible record breaking heat today.  105 Fahrenheit is the forecast.  Game Time Dog Services is VERY aware of temperatures because it can put you in a life or death situation.  I have covered the basics before, but I found this fantastic one-sheet on The Hydrant that puts it all in one place.  This is an IMPORTANT read for the dog owners out there!  (Click on image to see larger image)

Heatstroke_over heating_infograph

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  • billdog-cat

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    Good information for dog owners living in hot States.

  • David Prandi Chevalier

    I find the single-sheet very useful, and explaining why dogs are more likely to suffer from heatstroke than humans is crucial to motivate owners.
    Thanks for sharing,

  • David Prandi Chevalier

    Reblogged this on historiasveterinarias/vetstories and commented:
    A very useful info!
    I always remember a dog owner that came to our practice with a dead Fox Terrier in his arms.
    He left the dog in the car for less than 1 hour… but temperature rises quickly and as you can read in this post, dogs are bad fighters against heat, while they resist fairly well to cool weather.
    I like specially the comparison between humans and dogs, that emphasizes why dogs are more likely to developp heat stroke than humans: a main point is that dogs can´t sweat, except trough a small area in their paws.
    And please NEVER leave a dog in a car: temperature rises very quickly and dogs thermoregulation is bad (they start panting at 23ºC!, so 60-70ºC inside a car is life-threatening).
    When dogs temperature reaches 42ºC, cells start diying, and so the dog does.
    It is easy for Brachycephalic dogs to suffer from heat stroke, as their “special” airways not only difficult inspiration but also (this is a recent discovery) expiration, so they do not eliminate heat normally.

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